In this article, we would like to share the memories of a guest who participated in the Umrah Tour organized by Gülsüm Elkhatroushi & Salambooking. With her permission, we are privileged to convey her experiences.

A Spiritual Journey with Gulsum Elkhatroushi & Salambooking Umrah Tour

When I decided to go to Umrah with Mrs. Gülsüm, many wondered what the difference was. However, upon experiencing Umrah, I realized the significant distinction of performing Umrah with meticulous individuals who are dedicated to their work and like-minded companions. I want to share with you the profound impact of Mrs. Gülsüm’s meticulous attention to every detail, our sincere interactions with our guides, and the spiritual conversations throughout the program. The seamless flow of the program without overwhelming details and chaos, both before and after the tour, guided by Salambooking, made every penny spent worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and we are truly grateful.

A Spiritual Journey with Gulsum Elkhatroushi & Salambooking Umrah Tour

From the moment of registration, I eagerly counted down the days until Umrah. Finally, the day arrived. As we gathered at the airport, the camaraderie among our group, adorned in blue scarves, filled me with a sense of peace. The tranquility of the city of Medina became evident as soon as we stepped off the bus. Walking towards the Prophet’s Mosque for the Isha prayer, I felt the presence of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions, creating a unique and emotional experience.
Our hotel in Medina was just a 3-minute walk from the mosque, providing us with a convenient location. The evenings were spent enjoying Turkish meals at the hotel’s restaurant, and the mornings started with a delightful breakfast. The comfortable beds in the hotel made it the most restful sleep I’ve ever had during my travels.

A Spiritual Journey with Gulsum Elkhatroushi & Salambooking Umrah Tour

The visit to the Rawdah, the area around the Prophet’s grave, was different from previous experiences. Salambooking had arranged for our visit after the Fajr prayer, and standing in line with fellow Turks, we felt the intensity of the moment. The struggle to reach the Prophet’s grave was challenging, but the excitement of being in his presence overshadowed everything. Despite not being able to approach the grave closely, the brief time spent there left a lasting impact on me.
During our stay in Medina, we explored various historical sites, including Uhud, the site of the Battle of Uhud. The atmosphere in Uhud was different from the peaceful ambiance of Medina. Standing on the archers’ hill, we could see the mountains surrounding Uhud, where many companions, including Hz. Hamza and Mus’ab b. Umeyr, were martyred. The guide shared the events of the Battle of Uhud, and we offered prayers at the martyrs’ site. Later, we visited the locations of other significant events, including Quba Mosque, Qiblatain Mosque, and Kiswa Factory.
After our insightful stay in Medina, we set out for Mecca. Our journey included a stop at Zulhuleyfe Mosque, where we entered into the state of Ihram and had a delicious lunch provided by Salambooking. The afternoon journey brought us to Mecca, where our hotel was conveniently located near the Haramain train station.
The moment I saw the Kaaba for the first time, I couldn’t express the overwhelming emotions. Our guide led us through the Tawaf, and the experience of saying “Lebbeyk” and approaching the Kaaba was beyond words. The nights were spent performing Tawaf and prayers in the Masjid al-Haram. Salambooking had arranged for us to enter the ground floor of the mosque, allowing us to have a closer view of the Kaaba.
The highlight of the journey was the performance of Umrah, both individually and as a group. The guidance provided by our guide and the spiritual atmosphere during the rituals were deeply moving. The experience of Safa and Marwa, Sa’y between the two hills, was reminiscent of the passage over the Sirat bridge on the Day of Judgment.

A Spiritual Journey with Gulsum Elkhatroushi & Salambooking Umrah Tour

As our Umrah journey came to an end, the group gathered for a farewell Tawaf. The mix of emotions, the joy of fulfilling a week with meaningful moments, and the sadness of leaving the sacred places created a complex sentiment within me.

Returning to Turkey, I felt a void mixed with longing. Now, beautiful memories that frequent my dreams are the remnants of that sacred journey. We parted with the intention of reuniting next year for another Umrah with the same team, led by Gülsüm and Salambooking. May Allah grant the opportunity to everyone desiring to make this spiritual journey. Amen.

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