Guide to Hajj Without Lottery and Hajj in Detail

Every year, millions of Muslims from around the world travel to Saudi Arabia to visit the holy lands for the Hajj pilgrimage. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is mandated to be performed at least once in a lifetime by every Muslim who has the financial and physical means to do so. There are two main methods of undertaking this sacred journey: Regular Hajj and Hajj without a lottery. The differences between these two methods can significantly affect the preferences and experiences of the pilgrims.


What is Hajj with lottery system?

The Hajj is organized through a lottery system by the Directorate of Religious Affairs, where candidates for the pilgrimage participate. This system is designed to ensure a fair selection process and to manage the high demand from prospective pilgrims. The lottery system allows those wishing to go on the Hajj to have an equal chance of selection. In the continuation of our article, you can read the Hajj Guide, which we have prepared based on the current Hajj Brochure shared by the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

What is Hajj without lottery system?

Hajj without lottery is offered as an alternative to the lottery system. This method is usually organized by private organizations or agencies and offers a more flexible structure. Candidates wishing to participate in Hajj without a lottery can register directly without the need for a lottery draw. In the later part of our article, we answer questions like how to apply for Hajj without lottery and its cost. As the Salam Booking family, our priority is to ensure that our valued pilgrims have a peaceful and trouble-free worship experience in the holy lands. We meticulously plan every detail so that you can perform your worship with peace of mind and aim to provide you with a comprehensive service. For more information about our Hajj and Umrah programs and to discover our reservation processes, visit our website at or speak with our customer representatives at +90 850 340 7050. Salam Booking is with you at every step of your spiritual journey.

Detailed Guide to the Hajj

Before moving on to information about Hajj without a lottery, let’s take a look at the Hajj program scheduled for May 2024 by the Directorate of Religious Affairs:

2024 Directorate of Religious Affairs Hajj Prices

In the year 2024, Hajj prices vary according to room types.

For example;

The price for quadruple rooms is 24,500 SAR ≈ 197,735 TRY

For triple rooms, it’s 26,500 SAR ≈ 213,876 TRY

For double rooms, it’s 28,500 SAR ≈ 230,018 TRY

For babies aged 0-2 years, the cost is 7,200 SAR ≈ 58,109 TRY

For children aged 3-7 years, it’s 14,000 SAR ≈ 112,991 TRY

For children aged 7-12 years, it’s 15,350 SAR ≈ 123,887 TRY.

What is the Hajj Without a Lottery System?

2024 Hajj Applications

Final registrations were made between November 6-24, 2023

Additional registrations were conducted from December 1-12, 2023

2024 Directorate of Religious Affairs Hajj Time

Departures for the Hajj pilgrimage are planned between May 9 and June 12, 2024.

Returns will take place between June 22 and July 17, 2024.

Detailed Guide to Hajj Without Lottery

Millions of Muslims worldwide desire to perform the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. However, traditional Hajj lotteries and long waiting periods can make embarking on this sacred journey challenging. This is where Hajj without a lottery comes into play.

Hajj without a lottery offers an alternative option, especially for those who want to avoid long lottery waiting periods. This method allows candidates to go on Hajj according to their own schedules, enabling them to fulfill their pilgrimage in a more flexible manner. However, this flexibility comes at an additional cost. The expense of Hajj without a lottery is generally higher compared to Hajj organizations.

Hajj without a lottery also offers a more personal worship experience for the candidates. Away from the lottery draw and the crowds and confusion of large Hajj groups, a more peaceful and focused worship process is possible.

However, not every candidate may have access to Hajj without a lottery. Limited quotas and higher costs may not make this option feasible for everyone. Additionally, there are concerns that Hajj without a lottery may not fully reflect the traditional Hajj rituals and experience.

In conclusion, while Hajj without a lottery offers an alternative path for those wishing to perform the pilgrimage, candidates need to evaluate the most suitable option according to their own needs and capabilities. Both journeys offer a spiritual experience that deepens Muslims’ devotion to their faith and worship.


How Does the Hajj Without Lottery Process Work?

Hajj without a lottery, which is a method of performing Hajj outside of the lottery system, offers an alternative option for some pilgrims. This method typically involves obtaining a special or commercial visa, allowing pilgrims to go on the Hajj without participating in the lottery draw.

Salam Booking Hajj Without Lottery Programs

Salam Booking offers a specially designed program for pilgrims wishing to perform the Hajj, aiming to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Salam Booking’s Hajj program meticulously plans every detail to ensure a spiritually enriching experience in the holy lands.

Salam Booking’s Hajj package offers not just a pilgrimage journey but also the opportunity to explore cultural and historical riches. This program includes carefully selected accommodations, comfortable transportation services, and richly detailed tour options accompanied by experienced guides. During your Hajj, Salam Booking’s expert team will always be by your side to provide support.

You can access the details of the program at, where you can review our Hajj and Umrah programs and make your reservation for this spiritual journey. Going on Hajj with Salam Booking means experiencing both a spiritual journey and a travel filled with peace and comfort.

What is the Hajj Without a Lottery System?
Non-Lottery, Reliable, Serene, and Most Affordable Hajj Program 39 Nights/40 Days.


  • Visa procedures
  • Flight ticket

  • Travel insurance

  • All transportation and tours in Saudi Arabia with shuttle services

  • Accommodation in specified hotels

  • Meals: Breakfast, a lunch package or salad with soup, and dinner as a set menu

  • Sacrificial animal fee is included in the Hajj package.

  • Meal package for Arafat and Muzdalifah

  • High-ceiling, comfortable, and air-conditioned tent service in Arafat

  • 5 liters of Zamzam water for each pilgrim on the return journey

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Guidance services for Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina, along with the sacrificial cost, are included through Salam Booking.

Not Included 

  • Foreign exit fee (150 ₺)
  • Personal expenses
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