How to Renew a Passport for Turkish Citizens? The passport, which is necessary for traveling abroad, is an internationally valid document used to identify individuals. It comes in various types and also has a validity period. When the passport expires, it is necessary to renew it by applying to the relevant authorities. Therefore, passport renewal is a crucial process, especially for frequent travelers.

So, how is passport renewal carried out? You can find detailed answers to all the questions such as “Where is passport renewal done?” or “How long does passport renewal take?” in our article.

How to Renew a Passport?

The answer to the question “How to renew a passport?” varies depending on the type of passport you intend to apply for. Although the required documents may differ for different types of passports such as ordinary (maroon), special stamped (green), service stamped (gray), diplomatic (black), and temporary (pink), the general procedure remains similar. The first step of this procedure is to make an appointment.

Where to Apply for Passport Renewal?

To apply for passport renewal, you need to first make an appointment. You can make the appointment online or via the call center. If you prefer to make the passport renewal appointment online, you can use the website, which belongs to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

On the page, you need to click on the passport section and then select the type of passport you plan to renew. Your name, surname, Turkish ID number, date of birth, and phone number are required at this stage. Then, you can complete the process by selecting the date, time, and the province or district where you will apply for renewal.

To make an appointment via the call center, you can call Alo 199. After expressing your intention to renew your passport, you can provide the requested information, specify the appointment date, and select the application center.

The application centers to be specified during the appointment process may vary depending on the type of passport to be renewed. Accordingly, for the renewal of special and service stamped passports, you need to apply to Provincial Population and Citizenship Directorates, while for renewing ordinary passports, you need to apply to Provincial and District Population Directorates. If you are abroad, you should apply to foreign representations such as consulates and embassies to renew your passport.

How to Renew a Passport for Turkish Citizens?

What are the Required Documents for Passport Renewal?

The required documents for passport renewal vary depending on the type of passport. However, there are common documents required for all types of passport renewal applications. In this respect, the documents you need to have with you during the passport renewal process can be listed as follows:

  • Identity card, Turkish ID card, or temporary identity document. These documents must be up to date for the application process to be completed.
  • Biometric photo taken within the last six months, clearly showing the front of your face.
  • Previous passport, which has expired.
  • If the person renewing the passport is limited or not of legal age, a consent form is required. The consent form is requested if the legal representatives are not present during the application.
  • Student certificate for students. If the status of being a student can be verified through the system for passport renewal, a student certificate is not required.

In addition to the documents you need to have with you for the passport renewal process, there are also things you need to do before or during the application. First of all, it is mandatory to apply in person for passport renewal. Because during the application, data such as fingerprints need to be taken from you.

Also, before coming to the application, you must pay the passport renewal fee and booklet fee. However, since it can be detected through the system, no receipt or voucher is required for the payment process.

As we mentioned, the required documents for passport renewal may vary depending on the type of passport. For more detailed information on this subject, you can visit the official website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs at

How Much is the Passport Renewal Fee in 2024?

The passport renewal fee, consisting of the fee and booklet fee, is updated annually by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Also, the renewal fee may vary according to the validity period and type of passport. If you are going to apply for the renewal of a special or service stamped passport, you will only be asked to pay the booklet fee without the fee.

According to the official website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, the fees requested for passport renewal in 2024 are as follows:

Passport Validity Period Fee Booklet Fee Total Amount
6 Month 1.639,30 TL 790,00 TL 2.429,30 TL
1 Year 2.396,60 TL 790,00 TL 3.186,60 TL
2 Year 3.912,60 TL 790,00 TL 4.702,60 TL
3 Year 5.558,30 TL 790,00 TL 6.348,30 TL
3+ Year 7.833,00 TL 790,00 TL 8.623,00 TL
Where to Pay the Passport Renewal Fee?

To pay the fees required for passport renewal, such as the fee and booklet fee, you can apply to the Tax Offices, PTT branches, or affiliated banks. In addition to all these, you can also pay the passport renewal fee online via the website belonging to the Revenue Administration.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the passport renewal process, which we have explained in detail, is the answer to the question “How many days does passport renewal take?” With advancing technology, passport renewal processes have gained significant speed. As a result, a new passport is printed within a short period. After the passports are printed, distribution is carried out through PTT. Distribution times are 1 day for 56 provincial centers and a maximum of 4 business days for district centers.

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