Comprehensive List for Every Budget Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024

In Medina, most hotels are conveniently located near the Prophet’s Mosque and maintain similar standards, which contribute to a satisfying hotel experience. In this article, we will focus on highlighting the unique aspects of these hotels instead of providing standard information found in hotel descriptions. While Medina may not boast as many luxury hotels as Mecca, you can still find excellent standards, even in 4-star establishments.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024

Best Value 5-Star Umrah Hotels in Medina

Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel

This hotel offers affordability and is situated right next to the Prophet’s Mosque. It falls within the range of a good 3.5 to 4-star option. Prices are quite reasonable, starting at $120 per night.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Crown Plaza

Another excellent choice for those seeking to earn loyalty points and maintain an economical budget is Crown Plaza, an IHG hotel. It’s a great option if you are an IHG member or are looking for discounts. The hotel offers shuttle services for women to the mosque and, despite recent price increases, remains a good choice for budget-conscious travelers. Prices start at $120 per night, but you can find even better deals during the off-season and sales.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Dallah Taibah Hotel

Primarily catering to Asian clients, Dallah Taibah Hotel is a comfortable 3-star establishment.

The rooms are comfortable and in close proximity to the women’s entrance of the Prophet’s Mosque. It’s a popular choice for Umrah packages, with prices starting at $100 per night, including breakfast.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024

Dar Al Iman Intercontinental Medina

Dar Al Iman Intercontinental Medina Hotel enjoys a prime location, and it has received positive reviews. If you are an IHG member, you can take advantage of the benefits it offers. The hotel is considered a 4-star property, and the standards of its renovated rooms are quite high. Prices start at around $250 per night, but you can find more affordable rates with discounts.Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

With its excellent location near Gate 25, the women’s entrance to the Prophet’s Mosque, Dar Al Taqwa Hotel is a great choice for Muslim pilgrims looking for a popular, economical option. It’s particularly suitable for families with children and older guests, featuring spacious rooms. While it’s categorized as a 4-star hotel, its service standards are closer to 3 stars. Prices during the off-season start at $100 per night.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Elaf Al Taqwa Hotel

Elaf Al Taqwa Hotel is a new budget-friendly option in Medina. Part of the local Elaf Group Hotel, which is also well-reputed in Mecca, this hotel, although not as close to the mosque as some other options, offers modern amenities and is a 5-10 minute walk away. It provides a good price for larger families, with prices starting at $100 per night, including breakfast.Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Hilton Medina

Hilton Medina’s rooms are definitely in need of renovations by 2024, but it remains a decent choice in the blessed city of the Prophet. Its location is excellent, with the mosque’s courtyard just a minute’s walk away, and several supermarkets and dining options in the vicinity. The breakfast is good, although it may not offer a complete 5-star experience. Prices start at an average of $200 per night, which can be on the higher side if you don’t take advantage of membership deals.

Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Intercontinental Dar Al Hijra Medina

Among the IHG chain hotels dominating the Medina hotel scene, Dar Al Hijra Medina stands out as an excellent 5-star option, despite its slightly older appearance. It strikes a fine balance between service and price, although it’s situated 5-10 minutes away from Masjid Al Nabawi. Prices start at around $160 per night, and IHG members can enjoy further discounts during promotional periods.Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Oberoi Medina

Oberoi Medina is one of the oldest hotels in Medina, but it has undergone extensive renovations, offering impeccable 5-star quality service at a reasonable price. It still retains its historic charm and consistently ranks among the top 10 best hotels in Medina. Prices for this hotel start at around $500 per night.Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Pullman ZamZam Medina

Being a relatively new hotel, Pullman Zamzam Hotel boasts modern rooms and offers good value for your money. Operated by the Accor Hotel chain, you can use your Accor membership points to offset costs. It’s a suitable choice for those who prefer not to walk long distances. During the off-season, you can find prices around $150 per night.Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Shahd Al Medina Hotel

Shahd Al Medina Hotel enjoys an outstanding location, just a minute’s walk from the Prophet’s Mosque, directly across from the Hilton Hotel. It’s a relatively new hotel with an excellent reputation. Managed by the Accor Hotel Group, you can utilize points for discounts and advantages. For a good and modern 4-star hotel in Medina, you can expect an average price of around $130.Best Hotels in Medina for Umrah 2024  Unfortunately, you won’t find as many budget-friendly options in Medina as you would in Mecca. While in Mecca, you can discover new and high-quality 3-star economical hotels for around $50, in Medina, you might encounter prices nearly double that amount.

If you are looking for the best hotels in Medina, it’s important to understand that the options are somewhat limited. Unlike Mecca, Medina doesn’t have towering skyscrapers to accommodate a larger number of visitors, which can provide a more peaceful atmosphere. To get an idea of the most affordable months for your Umrah, you can refer to hotel prices in our Salambooking DIY Umrah Packages.

For your Medina to Mecca transfer during your Umrah visit, you can also check out our guide on the “Haramain Train: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Jeddah to Makkah to Medina”

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