I had previously visited Dubai for business and leisure, my friend’s insistence that “Dubai with Gülsüm is different” led me to book my tour A Unique Dubai Experience with Salam Booking . Upon my return, I can confidently say that I experienced a truly unique Dubai, and every penny was well spent. Eager to share my memories and travel experiences, I decided to pen down our journey.

Day 1 – A Turbulent Start:
Our tour was scheduled to begin at Sabiha Gökçen Airport at night. Unfortunately, we were denied permission to fly due to airport closure. While other tour companies left their passengers stranded, Salam Booking representatives promptly arranged accommodation and rescheduled our flight for the next day. Despite not being obligated to do so according to the tour agreement, they compensated for the lost day, a gesture rarely seen with other tour operators. This emphasized the importance of choosing a high-quality tour.

Evening Delight at Turkish Village:
Arriving in Dubai in the evening, we headed straight to the delightful Turkish Village restaurant on the beach for dinner, initiating friendships within the group. Throughout the tour, the warm and intimate atmosphere made me feel like I was traveling with family.

A Unique Dubai Experience with Salam Booking

Gülsüm’s Touch:
Gülsüm’s significant contributions to the tour were evident, with the highlight being our hotel. We stayed in a magnificent hotel, not a typical tourist spot, but a place frequented by foreign visitors in New Dubai. The hotel’s beach, pool, breakfast, and rooms were outstanding, leaving me with only one regret – not having an extra day to enjoy the beach and bring my swimsuit next time!

Day 2 – Exploring Dubai’s Marvels:
The first day of the tour included a comprehensive city tour of Dubai with our guide. Witnessing the city’s rapid growth, cleanliness, and modernity was truly astonishing. Shopping in the Gold and Spice Souks felt like exploring the bazaars of Egypt. We also explored Dubai Mall during our free time, a global shopping haven. However, Dubai’s infamous traffic tested our patience, turning a 15-minute journey into a 2-hour ordeal.

Nightly Delights:
Evenings during the tour were equally enchanting. After enjoyable conversations in the lobby with Gülsüm and friends, memorable discussions continued in the rooms late into the night.

Day 3 – Abu Dhabi and More:
On the third day, following Gülsüm’s recommendation, we embarked on an early morning tour to Abu Dhabi, visiting the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Later, we explored the magical Miracle Garden, a flower wonderland that left me yearning for more time.

A Unique Dubai Experience with Salam Booking

Unforgettable Experiences:
The tour included extraordinary experiences, such as an exquisite tea time at the Armani Hotel and a visit to Abu Hail Souk, a haven for abaya shopping at reasonable prices. Exploring the Global Village, a fairground with pavilions from different countries, was an adventure filled with shopping, entertainment, and unique activities.

Day 4 – Atlantis Adventure:
Our visit to Forever Rose Cafe, Atlantis Hotel, and a thrilling balloon ride provided unforgettable moments. The views of Dubai from hundreds of meters above ground were indescribable. A delicious lunch by the Aqua Park and a visit to the mesmerizing Atlantis aquarium added to the day’s delights.

Evening Extravaganza:
Two additional tours, a dinner at BeyBabel for the Fountain Show, and a shopping excursion at Dubai Mall enriched our experience. However, the highlight was the “Premium Heritage Safari” – a desert adventure that transcended typical safaris. Watching the sunset in a private area reserved for the royal family, accompanied by traditional entertainment, was a dreamlike experience.

Conclusion – Farewell to Dubai:
As we concluded our tour with a magical evening, bidding farewell to Dubai was a difficult task. Salam Booking and Gülsüm had turned Dubai, once a city of human-made extravagance in the desert, into a fantastic option for relaxation and enjoyment.

Closing Thoughts:
With memories etched in my heart, I now consider Salam Booking the go-to choice for a remarkable Dubai experience. Despite having visited the city before, Gülsüm’s touch and the quality of the tour made this journey an extraordinary one. Already planning for next year, I can confidently say that Dubai with Gülsüm through Salam Booking is an experience worth repeating.

A Unique Dubai Experience with Salam Booking

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