Do It Yourself DIY Umrah : A Cost-Effective Approach to Fulfilling Your Spiritual Journey 

Imagine going on Umrah, standing in front of the Kaaba, and embarking on this sacred pilgrimage without spending a fortune on flights, accommodations, or tour agencies. The concept of a Do It Yourself DIY Umrah is revolutionizing the way people approach this spiritual journey. In this article, we will explore how you can plan and execute your Umrah independently, taking advantage of the Saudi tourist visa that has been available since 2019. Do It Yourself DIY Umrah

The Changing Landscape of Umrah 

Until 2019, Umrah pilgrims could only visit Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah with Umrah visas arranged through travel agencies. However, a significant shift occurred when Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists, aligning with its “Saudi 2030 vision” of attracting 30 million pilgrims and fostering a thriving tourism industry. This policy change opened up new possibilities for those seeking a more affordable and self-directed Umrah experience. 

Common Misconceptions about DIY Umrah 

 Many individuals are still uncertain about how to perform Umrah independently, as Umrah agencies may lose customers by sharing this information. While not everyone may want to go through the hassle of planning their DIY Umrah, it’s essential to recognize that agencies are not obsolete, and their services are still valuable. 

However, since 2019, Saudi Arabia has granted tourists the opportunity to obtain a Saudi tourist visa online, allowing them to explore Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah without the need for a tour agency. 

Do It Yourself DIY Umrah

Key Steps for Planning a DIY Umrah 

1-Determine Your Intentions: The first step is deciding to embark on the Umrah journey. Planning well in advance can save you significant amounts of money, as many individuals tend to leave preparations until the last minute. 

2-Set a Budget: Knowing how much you’re willing to spend is crucial. While miracles can happen, planning your budget well in advance is essential. DIY Umrah packages can save you an average of 25% to 40% compared to booking through an agency. 

3-Consider Travel Companions and Their Needs: If you are traveling with others, understanding their requirements is crucial. This includes the number of people, their ages, and mobility. Hotels often offer accommodation for up to four or five people in a room, making it cost-effective for families. 

4-Decide on Visiting Medina: You should decide whether you intend to visit both Medina and Mecca during your Umrah. Depending on the season and your preferences, traveling to Medina first may be more convenient. 

5-Choose the Right Timing: The timing of your Umrah journey is crucial. It’s generally more expensive during school holidays and major Western holidays like Christmas and Easter. Consider off-peak times for cost savings. 

6-Loyalty Points and Miles: Take advantage of loyalty programs from airlines and hotel chains. These points and miles can lead to substantial savings on your Umrah trip. 

Do It Yourself DIY Umrah

Selecting the Best Airports for Entry and Exit

Choosing the right airports for entry and exit is a common question when planning your Umrah journey. For many first-time Umrah travelers, it might be intimidating to realize that the closest airport to Mecca is actually in Jeddah, which is around 150 kilometers away. 

In some cases, Medina, which is further away, may be the better option, particularly during busy periods like Ramadan and the last ten nights, when Umrah traffic is more intense. 

When selecting your entry airport, consider factors such as your travel dates, group size, trip duration, whether you plan to visit only Mecca, and the season. Research is crucial to ensure a smooth and convenient experience. 

It’s important to note that while the Saudi tourist visa facilitates Umrah, it does not grant access to perform Hajj. 

In conclusion, a DIY Umrah offers an affordable and flexible approach to fulfilling your spiritual journey. By planning well in advance, setting a budget, and making informed decisions about your travel companions and itinerary, you can create a deeply meaningful Umrah experience that aligns with your personal needs and preferences. Stay updated on the latest developments in Saudi Arabia’s travel policies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free Umrah journey. 

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