7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

Admiring Egypt’s rich history and natural beauty is almost impossible to resist. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this unique country to experience its enchanting atmosphere and witness the monuments that have left their mark throughout history. SalamBooking serves as an ideal travel platform, especially for Muslim travelers, offering a range of compelling reasons to explore Egypt. You can now make a reservation for the most budget-friendly Egypt tour by visiting salambooking.com.

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip
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Explore the Deep History of Egypt

Ancient Egypt: Egypt has a rich history that has spanned over 5,000 years. The monuments, statues, and tombs of ancient Egypt carry the traces of this ancient civilization.

Greco-Roman Egypt: After the conquest by Alexander the Great, Egypt was ruled by the Greeks and Romans, offering history enthusiasts a rich experience with unique remnants from this period.

Coptic Egypt: The Coptic Christian heritage in Egypt has endured through churches and monasteries, reaching the present day.

Islamic Egypt: Following the Islamic conquest, Egypt became a Muslim country and harbors its unique art and heritage.

Embark on a journey through Egypt’s deep history with our carefully crafted tour packages, guided by expert tour guides. Reserve your spot now through salambooking.com!

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

Wonders of Egypt

We have no doubt that you will be captivated by the allure of the pyramids in Cairo. In Egypt, you can witness the world’s oldest mosques, sail on the Nile River, or explore ancient Egyptian artifacts in cities like Luxor and Aswan. Given that Egypt is a Muslim country, it goes without saying that all foods are halal here, and it’s worth noting that many hotels reserved through SalamBooking are alcohol-free.

Nile River: The Nile, the world’s longest river, has nurtured Egypt by providing it with life and has hosted great civilizations throughout its history.

Plajlar:  The Red Sea and Mediterranean coastlines host beaches renowned for their crystal-clear waters and unique marine biodiversity.

Çöl: The Western Desert is a unique natural paradise that offers desert safari tours, sandboarding activities, and the opportunity to observe the stars in the sky.

Sina Dağları: The Sinai Peninsula is an exceptional destination for nature enthusiasts with its barren mountains and impressive landscapes.

Egypt’s Delightful Cuisine and Culture

Egyptian cuisine is a rich and flavorful culinary tradition influenced by the Middle East. Traditional dishes such as Koshari, Falafel, Dolma, and Shawarma provide visitors with a satisfying culinary experience that delights the palate.

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

The fertile Nile Valley and Delta enrich Egyptian cuisine with legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Coastal regions frequently feature fish and seafood. Traditional Egyptian dishes are predominantly vegetable-based, characterized by flavorful, rice-based, hearty, and delicious preparations. Unique Egyptian flavors like hummus, falafel, vine leaf rolls, and baklava are commonly enjoyed. Tea, especially black tea, stands as one of Egypt’s favorite beverages. Here are flavors unique to Egypt that you must try:

Molokhia: A renowned dish made from finely chopped leaves, garlic, and sometimes coriander, often served with other meats such as rice, lamb, or chicken.

Koshari: Egypt’s national dish, Koshari, is prepared by combining lentils, rice, and pasta, topped with tomato sauce, chickpeas, and garlic vinegar.

Taamiya: Similar to falafel but made from fava beans, Taamiya is one of Egypt’s famous street foods.

Ful Medames: One of Egypt’s most consumed dishes, Ful Medames is a bean dish cooked in a clay pot and served with ingredients such as olive oil, cumin, parsley, garlic, onion, lemon juice, and chili pepper.

Fiteer Baladi: “Fiteer” is a layered pastry baked in a stone oven. It can be filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, or served sweet with syrup, honey, or sugar.

Hamam Mahshi: This traditional Egyptian dish involves stuffing pigeon with onions, spices, and green cracked wheat (Firik), rice, or bulgur.

Economical Vacation Choices

Egypt provides economic holiday opportunities by offering a diverse range of accommodation and tour options to suit every budget. The advanced infrastructure in the tourism sector demonstrates that a quality travel experience can be budget-friendly.

Here are some tour packages we have prepared for you:

Egypt Tour with Guide Ömer Kaptan 5N/6D

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

Departing on April 13rd

Summary of the Tour Program

Day 1: Meeting at Istanbul Airport. Flight to Alexandria, Egypt with Turkish Airlines.

Day 2: Panoramic Alexandria city tour, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Qaitbay Citadel, Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, Tomb of Imam Busiri, Alexandria Library

Day 3: Cairo Citadel, Mohammed Ali Pasha Mosque, Kalavun Mosque, Tulunid Mosque, lunch on the Nile River, Imam Shafi’i’s Tomb, Muizz Street, Sebil-Kuttaps, Mamluk Sultanate’s monumental complexes, Mosques and Inns with Ottoman-era Turkish Inscriptions, Halil Bazaar, Hazrat Hussein Mosque, Al-Azhar University.

Day 4: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx statues with human heads, Cairo Museum.

Day 5: Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak Temple.

Day 6: Karnak Temple

3 Nights/4 Days during Semester Break

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

February 01-04

Summary of the Tour Program

1st Day: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx with human-headed lion statues, Cairo Museum

2nd Day: Cairo Citadel, Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Kalavun Mosque, Tulunid Mosque, Nile River Boat Tour, Tomb of Imam Shafi’i, Muizz Street, Sabil-Kuttabs, Mamluk monumental complexes, Ottoman Turkish inscriptions, Mosques, and Inns, Halil Bazaar, Al-Hussein Mosque, Al-Azhar University

3rd Day: Alexandria Lighthouse, Qaitbay Citadel, Abu’l Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, Tomb of Imam Busiri, Alexandria Library, Montaza Park

4th Day: After breakfast at the hotel, check-out, and transfer to Cairo Sphinx Airport. End of our enjoyable tour.

*We are with you with the most quality, affordable, and comprehensive tour programs. Plus, you don’t have to deal with extra expenses! We would be delighted to see you on our next journey.

Warm Hospitality

Egyptians are a warm and hospitable people. The local residents, guides, and hotel staff provide visitors with genuine insights into Egyptian culture.

A Muslim-Friendly Destination

SalamBooking is a platform that respects Islamic values and provides specialized services for Muslim travelers. This ensures a comfortable travel experience for Muslim explorers.

7 Reasons for a Muslim-Friendly Egypt Trip

Cultural and Historical Richness

Egypt is a captivating destination with a rich historical and cultural heritage. From the mysterious history of ancient Egypt to the Greek-Roman period, the Coptic Christian legacy, and the Islamic culture, Egypt encapsulates a diverse and profound past.

Visiting Egypt with SalamBooking presents an excellent opportunity to explore the unique country’s history, natural beauty, and culture. Tailored for conservative travelers, SalamBooking offers specialized services that bring unforgettable memories to life. So, let’s plan your journey to Egypt with SalamBooking and step into a unique and memorable experience.

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